Bondi Vet returns

Bondi Vet returns

Fans of Dr Chris Brown aren’t going to be without the Bondi Vet for long.

Season Seven of the ever popular Bondi Vet will air on Satutrday nights.

Dr Chris is on a rescue mission to save the life of an orphaned foal. Just three days old, Brulee will not survive unless Chris can find him a surrogate mum. But not all mares will accept a foal who is not their own. Over at the Bondi Vet referral hospital SASH, Dr Lisa Chimes is trying to help Charlie avoid surgery. The mischievous cat has swallowed ribbon from a present and Lisa must find it to spare Charlie the scalpel.

And there’s trouble at the Australian Reptile Park when three young emus decide to flex their muscle. The birds are intimidating visitors and the trio are also stealing food, so a firm hand is needed

7:30 PM Saturday on Ten