Bombshells break the Villa in two

It’s all smiles in the villa as Claudia and Austen return from the hideaway.

Maddy had a lovely date with Tak last night but she admits to the girls she just isn’t feeling it.

The girls get a text which says they are going on a girls day out, but when upstairs in the bathroom getting ready they get another text – they won’t be leaving the villa –  instead they will go to the bedroom to watch the boys date two new bombs, Phoebe H and Vakoo. 

The glamorous bombs arrive and the boys are excited, as they speed date each of them as the girls watch live on TV in the bedroom. The boys have no idea they are watching.

The dates go well, but some of the boys are in trouble. In particular Jordan, Callum, Al and  Mitch. All four said they were open to getting to know the new girls despite being in couples, and Al forgets Jess’s name! The girls are fuming as they re-enter the villa. They decide to keep the fact they were watching the dates all along a secret for a few hours.

At night, Phoebe in her toast reveals to the boys that the girls were watching the dates all along, and the boys are mortified.

Jess confronts Al about forgetting her name on his date with Vakoo.

At the end of the night, Mitch and Callum decide to play a truth or dare game with Phoebe H and Vakoo. Phoebe S and Claudia get wind of it and spy on what is going on. Phoebe S then catches Mitch out and runs off in tears. She can’t believe this is happening, as her and Mitch were supposed to be so strong.

She is inconsolable, as the villa erupts in drama.

Phoebe H and Vakoo have certainly rocked the villa and made a real entrance.


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