Bold Blindside Sends Survivor Favourite Home.

Well that was a touch surprising lets debrief on last nights Survivor.

At the Immunity Challenge, the Contenders faced a determined Champions tribe who were hungry for a win after two losses. In a challenge that required a combination of brute strength, co-ordination and mental agility, the physical power of Fitness Specialist Steve saw the Champions pull ahead in the early stages.

Construction Manager Robbie managed to close the gap to give the Contenders a shot in the final round, however Astrophysicist Samuel and Pro Skater’s Wife Shonee proved too strong on the puzzle and secured the Champions the immunity win.

Rumours and lies swirled back at the Contender’s camp, as the Castaways scrambled to firm up alliances ahead of Tribal Council. Heath, who sensed his head was on the chopping block, tried to protect his position in the game with new alliances, but Entrepreneur Benji was already one step ahead of him.

Benji and his confidante Robbie had already secured a new alliance with the Champion girls soon after their arrival which created a new majority. Despite a last-minute attempt from Heath to draw them over to an alliance with Fenella and himself, the Champs stuck to their original pact and voted for Heath.

In a result he was not expecting, Heath was sent home with five votes to his name.

Upon his departure, Heath said: “I was blindsided tonight, fair and square. I didn’t see it coming. It was obvious Fenella and I had no alliances with anyone in the tribe anymore.  “That’s the way it goes, that’s the game. I gave it my all and I am proud of myself