Bold Blindside Cuts Another Contender

The contenders are having a really rough couple of days, aren’t they?

After 23 testing days on the island, the Contenders tribe finally traded their staple diet of rice and coconuts for a mouth-watering Mexican feast of nachos and margaritas when they took out their first ever Reward Challenge.


In what was a battle of mind over matter, tonight’s Reward Challenge saw the teams jumping off a giant platform, before swimming out to sea and balancing as a team on an inflatable ramp. As Miss Universe Australia Monika’s fear of heights hampered her efforts, the contenders were able to strike out a long lead over the Champions and secure victory.


The Contenders relished in their long-awaited taste of victory and settled in to enjoy their first Reward, only to discover the fruitful feast came with a twist. The Reward was to be shared among the tribe but only individually and in private.


As most of the tribe embraced the moment to refuel their depleted bodies with endless corn chips and thirst quenching margaritas, others saw this as a strategic opportunity to search for an Idol.  Despite Management Consultant Tegan’s attempt to look high and low, it was Entrepreneur Benji who uncovered the hidden Idol clue underneath the big cheesy Mexican stack.


At the Immunity Challenge the teams were faced with a coconut shoot-out. After their loss at the Reward Challenge, the Champions returned to the beach with a vengeance. The strength of Olympic Freestyle Skier Lydia and Fitness Specialist Steve proved too powerful for the Contenders, which saw them placed for another round at the voting urn.


Back at camp, mastermind Benji strategically plotted his next move. Finding no opportunity to search for the idol and still feeling exposed after Tegan outed him as a liar, Benji shifted the spotlight back to Paige.


With tribe alliances and trusted pairs becoming more powerful, Paige’s failure to choose a side ultimately became her undoing. With a majority four votes, the Tribe voted Paige out of the game in a surprising blindside move she did not see coming.


On her departure a teary Paige said: “I’m really sad, I really wanted to go really far in this game. I guess it just wasn’t too good of an idea trying to play both sides. I really thought that I had done everything I could to keep my place here.”