Body Hack July 16

In the season finale of Body Hack, Todd Sampson travels to sub zero Siberia in search of the Nenet people.

At the edge of the world, where temperatures regularly drop below -25°C and snow blankets the earth as far as the eye can see, these nomads have guarded the century-old tradition of herding hundreds of reindeer across the frozen wilderness.

Todd lives with a beautiful family that teach him their way of life but it’s the remarkably adaptable reindeer that hold many of the lessons.

In some confronting scenes, Todd is tasked with strangling this fascinating animal to death for food. The reindeer is immediately butchered and certain parts, like the brain, eyes and liver are eaten raw, while the warm blood is drunk straight from the carcass.

The Siberian extremes are a lesson in how to deal with the cold, the importance of our relationship with animals for survival, and how to be more adaptable to the environment.

Todd Sampson’s Body Hack airs 8:40 pm Tuesday on 10