Bluff City Law comes to Nine next week

Bluff City Law comes to Nine next week

Legal drama Bluff City Law premieres next week on Nine.

Bluff City Law follows a top team of attorneys at an elite Memphis law firm who specialise in prosecuting controversial, landmark civil rights cases.

Leading the charge is the legendary Elijah Strait (Jimmy Smits), whose famous family is known for taking on cases of injustice. He must grapple with the return of his estranged daughter, Sydney Keller (Caitlin McGee), after the sudden death of her mother. A brilliant lawyer in her own right, Sydney struggles to reconnect with her father after years of being barely on speaking terms.

Despite her reservations, lingering distrust and resentment towards her father, Sydney works to navigate their complicated relationship while taking on the toughest David-and-Goliath cases in Memphis in her valiant hope of changing the world.

Bluff City Law is a character-driven drama that takes viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions as this high-flying team of civil attorneys fight relentlessly for justice.

In their legal crusade, the courtroom also serves as a backdrop to explore the intricate details of family bonds as the relationship of a father and daughter hangs in the balance.

9:30pm Tuesday September 1 on Nine.