Block Studios Take Shape

It’s six days until the studio room reveal and our Blockheads are still reeling after a controversial body corporate where Leah and Ash called out Steph for having her Dad work on The Block.

Ash in particular didn’t like how Kyle from House No.1 spoke to his wife Leah, when he accused her of talking over everyone.

It’s good news for Kyle and Leslie and they head to Scott Cam’s house Camelot in Gisborne, their reward for their winning bathroom from week No.1 on The Block.

They get a nice surprise when Danny Wallis pops in for a visit at dinner at Scotty’s house and gives Kyle and Leslie some great advice on what he is looking for, when buying a house on The Block.

Leah is having real trouble finding a gyp rocker for their studio and makes many calls with no luck.  In the end they call Tom from The Block from last year who manages to help them find a gyprocker …. at the very last minute.

Kristy and Brett are thinking ahead and manage to secure their real estate agent, Belle Property in Hampton. They are overjoyed.

Back on The Block, Gian has upset Keith after he nearly caused an accident while conducting demo on his roof. He gets hauled over the coals by Aidan the site managers from Block builder Nine In Six and promises never to do it again.

At the end of the day Leah and Ash and Kristy and Brett come together in House No.2, and the conversation turns to Kyle and how he spoke to Leah.  Ash is not happy about it, but he has not said anything to Kyle … yet.


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