Block Budget Blowout

THERE is serious anger on The Block as our Blockheads struggle with debt and budget. They are supposed to somehow continue their landscaping but don’t have any money to pay trades. 

Some of the Blockheads including Ankur and Sharon spent around $60,000 on their hallway and living and dining rooms which have blown the budget.

Everything comes to a head at the Winners and Grinners dinner, with our contestants grilling Scotty Cam.  In the end, he offers them $20,000 direct into their landscaper’s account so they all can continue. 

The results at the financial audit are revealed and much to everyone’s surprise, Omar and Oz are in the clear. Sarah-Jane is left red faced however, she bought a carton of cigarettes on The Block account and she has to pay it back.

The boys play some golf on The Block while the girls head out to get pampered. Ankur and Sharon aren’t involved and Keith praises their work ethic.

Ankur does get a well earnt haircut, he looks like a mess.

Tom raises $20,000 for a local family whose two children were badly burnt after an accident at home.  It will be a long road to recovery for the kids and The Block and everyone involved is very happy to help. 


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