Bliss Review

Bliss Review

Tomorrow , Amazon unveils its newest film Bliss.

When Bliss opens, we are introduced to Greg Whittle (Owen Wilson), whose life is a chaotic mess after his recent divorce. After a call from his daughter Emily (Nesta Cooper), in which he assures her he’ll be at her graduation, he faces another crisis when he’s fired by his boss Kendo (Ronny Chieng). Drowning his sorrows at a bar, he meets the enchanting Isabel (Salma Hayek).

Isabel is convinced that the polluted, broken world around them is just a computer simulation and they are the only real people. Greg isn’t convinced, by as time goes on and things get stranger, Greg starts to believe that Isabel is telling the truth. Embracing Isabel’s notion, the real world starts to intersect as Emily tries to pull him back to her version of reality. But if, according the Isabel’s belief, Emily isn’t real, what is Greg going to do?

Writer Mike Cahill offers up an interesting premise that is compelling and full of twists and turns as the film plays out. Clocking in at 103 minutes, the film doesn’t drag

Owen Wilson makes a welcome return to the screen with a mesmerizing performance, and Salma Hayek is fascinating as the complex Isabel develops.

Bliss is part sci-fi, part love story, and it’s a compelling tale that provides some interesting questions.

3 Stars

Bliss premieres on Amazon Prime Video on February 5.