Blake proposes to Sam on The Bachelor but… (Updated)

Blake proposes to Sam on The Bachelor but… (Updated)

Last night Blacke propossed to Sam but that’s just the start of this story.

After 10 weeks of dates, dramas and dirty street pies, The Bachelor Blake Garvey finally declared his love for  Sam, 25, in a breathtaking final rose ceremony in South Africa.

The romantic setting was the ultimate location for Blake to get down on one knee and ask Sam for her hand in  marriage. With tears in his eyes, he presented her with a stunning, three-carat diamond engagement ring. Blake said to Sam: “I came into this experience looking for someone special. I wanted to find someone who  was ready to challenge me, ready to support me, someone who can inspire me, and Sam I feel that you completely know me all the way to my core.

“You have a way of reading me, you have a way of looking at me, and it’s that way that you do look at me that  makes me feel so loved. I’ve felt a lot of love on this journey but I’ve only been in love with one person and  Sam that person is you. I love you Sam.”

In true Sam style, she accepted Blake’s proposal by simply saying, “one hundred percent”. She told him: “I love you so much. So much, so much, so much.”

Blake slipped the $58,000 Bunda diamond ring on Sam’s finger and told her: “I’ve never been any more sure of anything, ever. I have no doubts. No doubts in my mind. You are the one for me.”

Sam caught Blake’s eye from the moment they met and their relationship grew stronger over the many dates they shared together. From their first date at the drive-in to their final stunning date on safari in South Africa their connection was like no other. Sam’s raw honesty, cheeky sense of humour and stunning beauty set her apart from the rest.

With true love often comes heartbreak, and this was the case for Lisa, 27.Arriving at the final rose ceremony, Lisa said: “My life could be about to change forever. I could be starting my  life with Blake. On my last date with Blake I really opened up and told him I was in love with him and it’s something that I’ve never really done before. I hope he feels the same way. Blake and I have such a strong  relationship it would be sad to end it here.”

Before the romantic proposal to Sam, Blake said a tearful final goodbye to Lisa. He took her hands in his and said: “What an amazing journey we’ve been on together. It’s just been incredible. From the moment I met you, you just radiated this warmth, this beautiful, beautiful warmth that’s been so lovely to be around. “Ever since our first date I really got the sense that you were diving headfirst into this journey with me. From  the moment when you ran up and literally jumped into my arms with a big smile on my face I knew you were  up for this and you were as ready for this as I was and we’ve had so many adventures since then.

“I came into this looking for someone who’s ambitious like I am, who has a drive and who has a love for life,  and who has a confidence about themselves, and a compassion. And after all of this you have been such a  constant for me. You’ve been someone I felt I can rely on, someone I can depend on. I came here looking for a big, big love and Lisa, I have so much love for you. But I’m in love with someone else,” Blake said.

Lisa was all class as she said goodbye to Blake for the last time. She said: “It’s been amazing getting to know  you. You’ve helped me so much and I really appreciate it. Samantha is an amazing girl and you deserve to be  with [her]. Trust me, it’s ok, it’s alright.”

As Lisa departed South Africa alone, she said: “I really do respect Blake’s decision. Obviously it wasn’t meant to be. There was probably something there, but I don’t think it was enough. I think Sam always had something  with him and I don’t think it was enough with me. I am so blessed in what he’s taught me and I’m so happy  that I’m now ready to go out into the world and find the guy of my dreams. I still believe in love, just not now.”

Now something happened yesterday afternoon to cause everyone involed in the show to go into lockdown with all interviews for the couple cancelled by Ten.  The rumours started that Blake had gotten Lisa pregernet, which she since denied on social media.  This morning a producer texted Jackie O and told her the couple had split. If  that is indeed the case why not just confirm it, The show has ended so it’s not going to harm the ratings. This won’t be the last we hear of this story I assure you.

Network Ten has released this statement via the show’s Facebook page.

Network Ten can confirm that Blake and Sam have sadly ended their engagement. When Blake proposed to Sam in South Africa, he did so because he had genuinely fallen in love with her. He was excited to start a life with Sam and was very much looking forward to their future together”, the statement reads.

“Unfortunately, not all relationships are meant to be, and feelings invariably change. Once Blake returned to his everyday life, he realised that they both wanted different things from a relationship and had different priorities. Blake has the greatest love and respect for Sam, but has made the difficult decision to end the relationship.”

Meanwhile Sam herself has taken to social media to break her silence.