Blake Farewells another three girls

Blake Farewells another three girls

After each making strong first impressions, the quest for The Bachelor Blake Garvey’s heart came to an end last night  for three girls.

They were  musician Katrina, 26, dog groomer Anita, 30, and IT student Diana, 28.

Katrina put her heart on the line when she competed against pharmacist Zoe, 25, during a two-on-one date. With only one rose available, both girls playedtug of war for Blake’s attention, but it was Zoe who ultimately won the rose, a kiss and a stunning 62 diamond bracelet from Blake.

After struggling with the decision Blake told Katrina: “It’s all about the connection you feel with someone, you know it’s there and you know it’s going to last. A connection with you is something that I don’t quite share.” Later at the rose ceremony, it was Anita and Diana who had their own share of heartache. Anita had not anticipated Blake’s decision to send her home. She confidently declared at the cocktail party: “I’m not really that nervous. If I hadn’t spoken to him tonight, I probably would have felt like I was going home, but it felt like sparks are flying and we are in love at the moment.”

Following Blake’s announcement, Anita said: “I definitely think I’m leaving the house too soon. Sometimes connections don’t form straight away; they need time and we hadn’t had that time.” Diana was more philosophical about her departure, saying: “I came here to find my Prince Charming. Unfortunately it wasn’t Blake but I know he’s out there.”

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm. On Ten.


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