Blake and Sam Talk to The Project

Blake and Sam Talk to The Project

it’s the fairy tale romance  that went sour very quickly.

Last night The Bachelor Blake Garvey and his jilted fiance Sam Frost spoke to  The Project’s Carrie Bickmore about their romance.

In the interview Sam spoke of how when the cameras stopped rolling things changed pretty quickly. “He was a bit emotional and a bit upset so I let him have his time and distance,” she said. “We were more like friends. We actually haven’t even hung out as a couple or given it a shot. He just dusted off his hands and said ‘It’s done.’ I thought ‘What’s done? You haven’t even tried.’“As soon as the cameras stopped rolling I feel like he just switched off.”

Garvey said that it’s not necessarily that something went wrong. It’s just a general feeling that something is not quite right,’

On the proposal Sam was in shock saying  she was not expecting him to propose,” “Realistically I was like “Really you want to propose?’ “I’m quite confused to be honest. I thought at the time it felt quite natural and real. I feel a bit played.’she said.

I was there and I was in that moment. Maybe you get caught up in it all,” he shrugged. “By all means I thought I was doing the right thing and the best thing at the time.” he said as he tried to justify his reasons for the split.

For the record Blake hasn’t moved on with another woman yet saying “It’s not about that right now. It’s about my heart is broken.” Meanwhile Sam who gets to keep her ring summed up her opinion of Blake with what a jack arse.

Credit goes to  The Project for the video provided in which the quotes were sourced

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