Black Summer Review

Next week, Netflix unveils Black Summer, a companion series to Z Nation.

When Black Summer opens, it’s the beginning of a zombie apocalypse and we are introduced to Rose (Jaime King, Heart of Dixie), her husband Patrick (Ty Olsson) and daughter Anna (Zoe Marlett), who are awaiting transport to safety at The Stadium. But chaos erupts and Anna, who made it on the transport, is separated from her parents. So Rose sets out to get back to her daughter at any cost.

Throughout the first episodes, viewers are also introduced to other survivors, which include Spears (Justin Chu Cary), a guy who is hiding a secret; Ryan (Mustafa Alabssi) who happens to be deaf; Barbara, a grandmother struggling to find her way to The Stadium and her husband when a chance encounter leads her to meeting William Valez (Sal Velez Jr) and Korean speaking Son (Christine Lee). Rounding out the cast is Lance (Kelsey Flower), a guy who isn’t the most skillful when it comes to survival.

The series consists of eight episodes and explores the choices we make in the most challenging of circumstances and what someone would do in order to survive.

Creators Karl Schaefer and John Hyam, who wrote the pilot episode, provide an interesting and exciting series that grips you in the opening minutes. The episodes are fast-paced but let each character shine with their own story within the complex narrative.

Casting is great with Mustafa Alabassi and Kelsey Flower standout as the ones to watch in the future.

Black Summer is definitely one put on your watch list.

3.5 Stars/5

Black Summer premieres Thursday April 11 on Netflix