Black Snow Review

<strong>Black Snow Review</strong>

Stan kicks off the New Year by continuing the tradition of new Aussie drama in the form of Black Snow.

Black Snow is the story of the town of Ashford which is thrown back into the past with the opening of a time capsule from 25 years ago. Among the items of 90s nostalgia is a letter from Isabel Baker (Talijah Blackman-Corowa), who was murdered on the night of the school formal, just a week before the capsule was buried.

The time capsule discovery attracts the attention of cold-case detective James Cormack (Travis Fimmel) who makes his way to the rural town, much to the annoyance of the local police Sergeant Troy Turner (Kim Gynell).

Cormack dives deep into the investigation to get the answers for Isabel’s sister Hazel (Jemmason Power), and her parents Joe (Jimi Bani) and Glenda (Seini Willett), with the help of Constable Dale Quinn (Gulliver McGrath).

What sets Black Snow apart from your standard crime drama is the dual narrative as we follow the story during both present day and back in 1994. Here we are able to see how Isabel’s murder occurredand continues to affect those in Ashford, including best friend Chloe Walcott (Annabel Wolfieand Brooke Satchwell), boyfriend Anton Bianchi (Joshua MacQueen and Alexander England), and Hector Ford (Fraser Anderson and Lee Jones)), who were tasked with curating the time capsule by teacher Lynn Walcott (Lucy Bell).

Creator Lucas Taylor sets up an intriguing murder mystery that deepens and develops as you progress through it. Balancing the two timelines isn’t easy, but it’s a masterstroke here as it allows us to see how the events of the past influence the present.

Black Snow sees Travis Fimmel give a measured performance as we discover that things aren’t as clear as you expect.

The mostly fresh cast give standout performances, most notably Talijah Blackman-Corowa, Jemmason Power, and Molly Fatnowna who plays a young Hazel. These performances are anchored by a who’s who of Australian screen with the likes of Erik Thomson, Brooke Satchwell, and Rob Carlton.

Black Snow asks tough questions but you are rewarded for investing your time in this crime drama. If you’re looking for something to kick off 2023 with, this is it.

4.5 Stars

Black Snow is now streaming on Stan.


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