Binge to Stream Alone Express next week

Binge to Stream Alone Express next week

The hit survival series, Alone, returns for its ninth season, streaming express from the U.S next week on Binge.

This season, for the first time ever, ten contestants fight to survive in the bitter wilderness of the Northeast shores of Labrador, Canada – a location known for being the hunting ground of the predatory polar bear. Survivalists are dropped off in undisclosed, remote locations and equipped with just ten survival tools, and enough camera gear to self-document their experiences. The survivalist who endures the longest, facing total isolation, punishing weather, and deadly predators, will win the $500,000 grand prize. No camera crews. No gimmicks. “Alone” is the ultimate test of human will. 

Season 9 of Alone sets survivalists in a location with one of the harshest weather conditions yet. Enduring wet, snowy, merciless conditions, survivalists’ building ingenuity, mental willpower and overall wilderness skills are put to the test as they must build their own shelters, forage their own food, and overcome numerous obstacles and dangerous predators in hopes of being the last person standing.

Fans can stream every episode of every season of Alone ahead of the season 9 premiere on BINGE. 7.30pm AEST on Friday 27 May on BINGE, with new episodes dropping every Friday. 


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