Billy Brownless Farewells The Jungle.

Billy Brownless Farewells The Jungle.

What do Anthony Mundine, Bernard Tomic and Charlotte Crosby all have in common? And no, it’s not throwing a tanty.

In 2018, sport stars Mundine and Tomic famously walked out on the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! experience and it seems British party animal Charlotte might follow suit.

After a failed in-camp challenge, which saw a hungry and defeated Erin Barnett fussed over by the rest of the team, an emotional and attention-starved Charlotte retreated to the Tok Tokkie to express her frustration.

After three weeks enduring multiple trial vote ins, donning the same filthy clothes and eating basic food rations, the international reality star was over it. But will she walk?

Freshly arrived Perez Hilton is doing what he does best: spilling the tea and interviewing his fellow camp celebrities.

Bringing in news from the outside world, the global gossip mogul updated the celebs on the latest scandal to come out of Buckingham Palace. Unsurprisingly, everyone is SHOOK to hear Harry and Meghan have stepped down from being senior royals and are moving to Canada. Tanya Hennessy understands the appeal, because apparently the Canadians make a killer waffle.

In a candid conversation with Myf Warhurst, Myf asked Perez about his three children and the process of surrogacy. He told her it cost him an arm and a leg but was all in all a straightforward process. Myf opens up about her short run on IVF and the chat turned to adoption policies in Australia, and how unfair they are for single but willing and able people.

Did we cast the wrong MAFS contestant for this season of Dancing With The Stars? Because whilst Dean Wells might be good… have you seen Ryan ‘twinkle toes’ Gallagher?

In a hilarious scene, whereby magician Cosentino puts him under a hypnosis spell, we see the inner workings of a very talented tap dancer.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that AFL champion Billy Brownless was the third celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Entering on day two alongside fellow AFL legend Dale Thomas, it was no surprise that the boys forged a strong friendship.

Dishing the dirt on everything from his marriage breakdown, to the deep, dark world of professional football, no topics were off limits for Billy.

Revealing that his split with ex-wife Nicky left him homeless, to shining a light on the differing pay packets of footballers and the issues around men and mental health, we loved Billy for his open and honest discussions.

Billy won the role of camp Master and was treated with a deluxe bed, a menu filled with treats, and Tanya Hennessy at his beck and call.

Never a pair to see eye-to-eye, Tanya’s deliberate efforts to poke Billy the bear paid off, with the footy legend desperate for a refund.

Billy competed in two trials, the most memorable being Spewdio 54, where he had to consume blended pigs nipple, impala guts and blended rats.

Tune in tomorrow night to see Perez, Dale, Tom and Tanya compete in the nauseating tucker trial Oh.My.Gob, and another unlucky celebrity bids farewell to camp life for good.