Biggest Loser Season 8 x20 Eliminated Contestants Return recap

Biggest Loser Season 8 x20 Eliminated Contestants Return recap

Big Kev is back! Rosemary is back! Cher and Anita are back! They’re all BACK! But who is back…for good?!

The contestants are all happy to be in the final four, but Gerald calls up Richard and his alliance with Katie and Robyn. This is despite Richard constantly denying being in an alliance. Nothing changes with this recent call.

The next day, contestants leave the house for a training session at Sydney Olympic Park. The trainers meet them there. They promise them an Olympic-sized training session. And along comes the truck. And another one! Yep, two big macs (and not the ‘Big Macs’ they’re used to!). They will be required to move the trucks 350m down the road. Teams Blue and Green will pull one truck with the other two teams pulling the other one.

It’s a hard training session, but they all put their backs into it. Michelle can see massive improvements since they pulled the skip at the first challenge. And after a bit of coaching from Michelle, Amber is able to motivate her team to actually JOG the truck to the finish line, speeding past the other team!

But as the trucks stop and the contestants try to recover, the Commando screams at them. That was only part one of the training session. They are then made to unload the trucks’ cargo. That cargo…is the ex-contestants!

We then go back to the weigh in room. I assume we’re going to weigh in the eliminated contestants. Hmmm…maybe not yet. The eliminated contestants will have to win one of three weigh in passes through challenges and competitions. The three winning teams will have a chance to re-enter the competition. The current contestants are immune this week.

And the first weigh in pass will be given up right now- to the team who records the highest weight loss percentage since week 1! So there will be a weigh in!

Anita and Cher are first. They weighed 117.6kg and 172.2kg respectively on day one. They now weigh 99.8kg (17.8kg loss) and 152.0kg (20.2kg loss) respectively. That’s a weight loss percentage of 13.11%.

Kevin and Rosemary are next. They weighed 254.7kg and 100.1kg respectively. They now weigh 230.4kg (24.3kg loss) and 89.9kg (10.2kg loss) respectively, giving them a 9.72% weight loss percentage.

Sam and Jess are next. They weighed 129.4kg and 134.1kg respectively. They now weigh 108.7kg (20.7kg loss) and 117.8kg (16.3kg loss) respectively, giving them a weight loss percentage of 14.04%, putting them in first place.

Chris and Mark are next. They weighed 152.3kg and 162.9kg respectively. They now weigh 125.6kg (26.7kg loss) 130.5kg (32.4kg loss) respectively, moving them to first place with a weight loss percentage of 18.75%.

Last up are Janet and Kirsten. They weighed 106.6kg and 98.1kg respectively. They now weigh 86.6kg (20.0kg loss) and 83.4kg (14.7kg loss), giving them a weight loss percentage of 16.95%, putting them in second place.

With that, Chris and Mark win a weigh in pass. Two more are left for the win.

The separate house (eliminated and non-eliminated contestants) divides into their groups and bitch about one another. Richard is getting quite a bit of flak from the eliminated contestants.

It’s now time to give away the SECOND weigh in pass. It’s time for a three-knockout round challenge testing their speed, strength and endurance. The last team standing will win a weigh in pass. Only one team member from each team will compete in each round.

In round one, they will each hold a 1.25kg weight in front of them above some yellow tape. The first person to drop ‘below the yellow line’, so-to-speak, will be eliminated. Cher, Sam, Janet and Kevin will compete in this round.

Kevin’s evil face he pulls is certainly evil! By six minutes, they are all shaking. Kevin is flirting with that line at seven minutes. Cher is now close to falling. After about nine minutes, Cher drops sending Kevin, Sam and Janet into the next round with their partners.

Round Two is a strength challenge. They will stand holding a dumbbell with 20kg on it. 5kg will be added for each minute that passes. The last two contestants remaining will move on to the final round. Kevin, Jess and Kirsten will compete.

Kirsten drops it at 20kg (40kg total), meaning Kevin and Jess will progress with their respective partners.

The last challenge is a 5km spin bike ride. The first to hit the 5km mark will win the weigh in pass. Rosemary will verse Sam in this one.

We’ll see the winner tomorrow night!


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