Biggest Loser reaches the halfway mark

Biggest Loser reaches the halfway mark

Another week another  elimination but this time it seems to have sealed that the Jofres will make it o the end of the season.

 The black team has lost its “chief” after Moses Auvale was eliminated from the TBL Families competition.

With the competition now based on Singles rather than Families, the two contestants to fall below the yellow line were sent straight into elimination. After spending time in a hospital with chest pains last week, Moses gained 800 grams, earning him a spot below the yellow line alongside his close friend and ally, the red team’s Daniel Jofre.

As one of the season’s lightest contestants, Moses signed his family up for TBL Families as he feared for their health. He desperately wanted to help brother Johnee and sister-in-law Tenealle achieve their dream of having a baby. Throughout the competition, fan-favourite Moses has been the support Johnee and Tenealle needed, as well as a friend to the other contestants.

In the elimination room, a somber Moses pleaded with his fellow contestants, saying: “As much as I miss Rina and my kids dearly, I still need to be here. Putting on weight this week was really disappointing. I’ve still got a lot of learning to do.”

With the deciding vote resting on her shoulders, Mel Pestell voted to send Moses home, hoping the unstoppable Jofres would continue to keep her safe and in the competition.

An emotional Moses said: “Johnee and Tenealle can do this. Tenealle has proven the last couple of weeks that she can kick butt. They’ve got this. I’ll miss you guys, though.

“This has been an awesome journey. Going into the TBL house was a big life-changing experience for me. This is the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. Looking back on my journey, I’ve achieved a lot. I’m so happy now, it’s amazing. How could you not be when you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and like what you see?”

During his time on TBL Families, Moses went from 122 kilograms to 99.3 kilograms, losing a total of 22.7 kilograms or 18.61% of his body weight.