Biggest Loser finally farewells a Jofre

Biggest Loser finally farewells a Jofre

The Biggest Loser finally farewelled a Jofre but as usual there was a twist.

after dominating the competition this season, the Jofres lost their first family member tonight when Tony was eliminated.

When Tony and his uncle Rob gained 1.2 kilograms and 600 grams respectively at Sunday night’s weigh-in, they were forced to face-off in the elimination room.

With both men emotionally urging their fellow contestants to save the other, it was Tony who received the most votes, resulting in his elimination.

With just five contestants remaining, Tony and the other 10 eliminated contestants returned tonight to compete for three spots in the house. Arriving at Camp TBL on a dragon boat with eliminated trainers Shannan Ponton and Tiffiny Hall, the eliminated contestants have returned with a vengeance.

Shannan said: “I’ve got 11 contestants, fired up, ready to work their way back into the competition. Tony’s only been gone 24 hours but he now has a second chance to win TBL.

“The Pestell family are some of the most fiery contestants I’ve trained in my entire career. I’m hoping they come back to TBL fired up and ready for payback.”

Tiffiny echoed Shannan’s sentiments: “I would love the Hailwoods to prove the haters wrong. They are determined. They know what it takes and they’ve got nothing to lose. They’re going to fight for this.

“Moses and Rina have been working on their fitness, their strength, their agility, and now they want back in.”

But fellow trainer Michelle Bridges was not fazed by the increased competition: “I like it. It means that those who are in the house just have to prove even more that they want this.”