Biggest Loser farewells another member

Biggest Loser farewells another member

The white team is down to its last member after Sam Hailwood was eliminated from the TBL Families competition last night.

With the white and red teams falling below the yellow line, Sam and the red team’s Tony Jofre nominated themselves for elimination.

As a mother to a sweet baby girl, Sam’s goal has been to give her daughter the best start in life. She also wants to feel beautiful so she can marry her partner, fellow contestant, Cliff. But when she and Cliff failed to pull the numbers this week, Sam took the fall to protect Cliff from elimination.

Sam said: “Cliff is still 164 kilos. That’s dangerous. It’s a heart attack waiting to happen. He’s my world and I’m here to protect him.”

With the red team under the yellow line for the first time in the competition, Tony nominated himself as the lightest member of the family. The red team has always been loyal to its allies, the black team. And tonight was the black team’s chance to prove its loyalty in return.

“It’s hard being on this side [of the elimination table]. We’ve saved all four members of the Auvales in the past. We stay true to our word and we haven’t broken our alliances,” Tony said.

While the blue team voted to save Sam, the black team outnumbered them with their votes to save Tony.

Learning her time in the competition had come to an end, an emotional Sam said: “I’ve learned so much from TBL Families. This house, this competition and Tiff have shown me what life can be again.

“I’ve changed in my attitude toward life and toward being healthy. I’ve learned exercise is fun and I’m pushing my body to new limits. It’s been the craziest, hardest, funnest thing I’ve ever done and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

During her time on TBL Families, Sam went from 109.3 kilograms down to 95.7 kilograms, losing a total of 13.6 kilograms or 12.44% of her body weight.