Biggest Loser Farewells a blue favourite

Biggest Loser Farewells a blue favourite

The blue team is left with just one woman standing after Jodie Pestell was eliminated from the TBL Families competition last night 

With the competition now based on Singles rather than Families, the two contestants to fall below the yellow line were sent straight into elimination. With a one-kilogram penalty against her as a result of the black team’s Johnee Auvale winning a challenge, Jodie was bumped below the yellow line and into the elimination room. In a twist of fate, she was joined by Johnee.

From day one, Jodie has wanted to change her life in order to be a happier person. She also dreams of losing weight to be a beautiful bride for her long-term boyfriend, Anthony, who has already purchased an engagement ring. But tonight, her focus was on her sweet sister Mel, who she feels responsible for helping through the competition.

Jodie pleaded with her fellow contestants, saying: “Mel will be lost if I’m not here. Mel has a lot of problems, health-wise. If we don’t help her, she won’t help herself. She’ll carry on helping everyone else but herself.”

Feeling the weight of their impending decision, the red team contemplated breaking their alliance with the black team in order to save Jodie and, therefore, Mel.

But in the end, the red team members stayed true to their ally and “brother” Johnee and Jodie was eliminated from TBL Families.

An emotional Jodie said: “The main thing TBL taught me was that I can just be myself. I don’t have to put on a front and hide inside anymore.

“Shannan taught me that I don’t have to hide. I’ve just got to open up and try and let people get to know me. I’m never going to be 159 kilograms again. I’m never going back. I definitely see a brighter future. It’s the end of TBL, but it’s the beginning of my life.”

During her time on TBL Families, Jodie went from 159 kilograms down to 132.9 kilograms, losing a total of 26.1 kilograms or 16.42% of her body weight.