Biggest Loser bids an emotional farewell to

Biggest Loser bids an emotional farewell to

Last night there wasn’t a dry eye in the TBL house as elimination occurred.

With the white and blue teams falling below the yellow line, Kayla Hailwood and the blue team’s Mel Pestell nominated themselves for elimination.

Kayla put her hand up in order to save her sisters, both busy full-time mums, from being eliminated. But while confident in her own ability to continue a healthy lifestyle outside Camp TBL, Kayla feared facing the constant reminders of Greg, her boyfriend who recently passed away.

“Everywhere I look, he’s there. So I’m worried about what it’s going to be like to go home. I finally feel like, this week, I’m becoming the old me, the person I used to be before this horrible year hit me,” Kayla said.

Entering the elimination room for the first time, Mel relied on her friendships with the red and black teams to keep her safe. “I need to get healthy. I want to eventually find love. Before coming to TBL Families, I did feel alone. But since being here, I think I’ve found some friends.”

With the red and black teams in control of the outcome, both teams expressed their disappointment in having to choose between the two most vulnerable ladies in the house. But Kayla received four votes from the red team, making it time for her time to leave the competition.

 Kayla said: “Coming to this house, I’ve felt joy and I’ve laughed and I’ve had experiences that I wouldn’t take back for the world. I’m really becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve learned some great things about myself and I’m definitely stronger.”

 Kayla is optimistic about her weight-loss journey continuing outside of the competition. “I think I can do anything now. I’m a happier person. I’m more excited about what life’s going to bring,” she said.



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