Big Brother’s tear inducing farewell

Big Brother’s tear inducing farewell

Last night Big Brother said an unexpected goodbye.

Anglea took control of the game from the bunker with a housemate task.

All Housemates had to do was say “yes” to anything Big Brother asked of them. Little did they know that Big Brother’s Little Sister Angela was in command. This saw Dan being offered a football to kick over the fence, Matt get a spray tan thrice and Kirean ate some broccoli to get a KFC feast.

Working in pairs, Housemates attempted to keep a shelf balanced using ropes on either end as they raced to stack 10 cylinders on their shelf while racing on a Velcro track wearing Velcro shoes. If the cylinders fell, they had to start again. The first pair to balance all 10 cylinders on their shelf won the power to nominate three Housemates for eviction. Sarah and Zoe won the challenge and put up Marrissa, Kirean and Ian.

Zoe tried to eliminate Kieran by putting Ian up as a safe vote, Angela seized the opportunity and enlisted Garth’s help to pull off an amazing coup After visiting the bunker Garth was able to convince the other Ian was a huge threat and they sent him home with 7 votes.

Ian Joass, Perth – “I got blindsided. Everyone told me I was safe. Oh well, these things happen. I feel so proud that living in a house with a complete bunch of strangers isn’t as scary as it should be to me. I’ve come so far. I’m so proud of myself. This whole experience has been an amazing time. I don’t regret a single minute of it. My message for the Housemates would have to be look after those fish, don’t let them die.”