Big Brother’s Shock Swap

Big Brother’s Shock Swap

Last Night Big Brother took a very interesting turn of events 

Tim, the biggest stirrer to ever enter the Big Brother House, won the  Showdown and put himself up for eviction saving Mikkayla.The housemates aren’t fooled and his manipulation is causing maximum frustration.

Rewarded for his Showdown win, Tim  was treated to  a night in the Presidential Suite which he choose to spend with his mate Drew. later on Tully tells BIG BROTHER that if she stays in the House for another week, she will declare war on Tim and there will be a mutiny and her parting words in the diary room are “..this is war”.

Following these events Monday’s eviction promises to be a big one with  TULLY, JADE, CALEB, ED, TAHAN and TIM. all up

ere’s how to vote to save your favourite Housemate:


SMS- to save Tully, Jade, Caleb, Tahan, Ed or Tim – text their name to

199 55 999.


Phone- phone the below number of the Housemate you want to save:

Tully – 1902 55 95 16

Jade – 1902 55 95 06

Caleb – 1902 55 95 02

Tahan – 1902 55 95 13

Ed – 1902 55 95 04

Tim – 1902 55 9514

Facebook- “Like” the Big Brother Facebook page (, click on the BIG BROTHER Voting Application and follow the instructions to submit a vote to save your favourite Housemate.

Voting lines are now open with Facebook voting closing at 7pm AEST and SMS/Phone voting closing at 7.23 AEST, Monday 2nd  September, 2013.

The Housemates with the least amount of saving votes will become the next person evicted from BIG BROTHER during the live eviction show at 7pm next Monday.

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