Big Brother’s first nominees revealed but was it fair?

Big Brother’s first nominees revealed but was it fair?

Last Night Big Brother played the swap game but was it fair.?

One phone call is all it took to shake the BIG BROTHER house to its foundations! Housemate Heidi has now been banished to the Halfway House following Tahan’s game-changing decision, which also saw Mikkayla saved from Nominations.

How it all went down in the BIG BROTHER house … Ben, as acting personal-assistant to BIG BROTHER, chose to assign Tahan to an undisclosed task after receiving a phone call. Tahan is given the ultimatum; on the spot she chose to save  Mikkayla and sacrifice Heidi.

This twist isn’t exactly fair though if housemates get to pick who is safe and who takes their place it becomes a  popularity contest  Surely we can get set both houses a task. With the slowest person from the safe house taking the spot of the fastest halfway housemate

Drew, Jade, Sharon, Jasmin, Tim and the latest nominee Heidi will be forced to live in the Half Way House until the Evictee is announced on Monday night.  Here’s how to vote to save your favourite Housemate: SMS – to save Drew, Jade, Sharon, Jasmin, Tim or Heidi text their name to 199 55 999.


Phone – phone the below number of the Housemate you want to save:

Drew: 1902 55 95 03                     Jasmin: 1902 55 95 07

Jade: 1902 55 95 06                      Tim: 1902 55 95 14

Sharon: 1902 55 95 11                  Heidi: 1902 55 95 05

Facebook – “Like” the Big Brother Facebook page (, click on the BIG BROTHER Voting Application and follow the instructions to submit a vote to save your favourite Housemate.

Voting lines are now open with Facebook voting closing 8.00pm AEST and SMS/Phone voting closing at 8.30pm AEST next Monday, August 12.

The Housemates with the least number of saving votes will become the first person evicted from BIG BROTHER during the live eviction show 8.00pm next Monday.


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