Big Brother’s first evictee for 2014 is revealed

Big Brother’s first evictee for 2014 is revealed

Big Brother has finally started to evict people fro the house but this time Australia lost it’s power.

Last night  39% of votes to save went to Travis and Cat 36% of votes to save went to David and Sandra with Gemma and Jake having 25% of the vote After the votes were revealed to w the housemates do a school yard pick to decide who would leave the house. Only Pryia stood behind Gemma which made her the first to go.

On stage with Big Brother host Sonia Kruger, she said her time in the house was amazing and great. “I wanted the show to be about me – I didn’t want to fly under the radar, I like pushing buttons. I wanted Australia to see me all the time, negative or positive,” she said. Asked what she’d miss most, Gemma responded with “the people in the house, I’ll even miss the people I didn’t like … Travis,” she said.

 Tonight the housemates will nominate as individuals for the first time this series.

Big Brother airs 8:40 Tonight on Nine




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