Big Brothers Big week of changes

Big Brother from this week changes eviction and nominations nights as well as introduces two female intruders.

The Housemates believe they know what Big Brother has in store for them, next week he plans to teach them a lesson for trying to second-guess anything in the Big Brother House.

MONDAY NIGHT LIVE SPECIAL- Nominated Housemates will be expecting their impending eviction, when in fact it will be one of the bearded intruders Justynn or Nathan who will be evicted.

With little time to process the latest eviction, Big Brother has another surprise with TWO FEMALE INTRUDERS set to enter the Big Brother House. The Jump-in poll will open again for Australia to decide which of the new female Intruders should stay on in the Big Brother House.

NEW WEDNESDAY NIGHT EVICTION- Big Brother’s latest move is a new night for evictions, where Tim, Ed, Mikkayla, Katie and Lucy, Drew and Jade’s fate will be decided.  Losing any one of these Housemates is going to cause shockwaves…who will it be?

NEW THURSDAY NIGHT NOMINATIONS-After a week free of nominations the Housemates will return to the voting chamber. The stakes will be risen as the Housemates must nominate who deserves to be next on the Eviction stage. The Intruders will be exempt from nomination so expect one of the original Housemates to be evicted the following week.