Big Brother Tuesday Nominations wrap up

Here’s what went down on Big Brother last night.

With six Housemates already sent packing, nominations become more strategic as the Housemates understand that playing the game is more important than ever, especially this week as BIG BROTHER has led them to believe it is another double eviction.

Thanks to Heidi, Drew received the Predictor Super Power. He could watch the Housemates Nominate, but not hear them. He had to predict who each Housemate would Nominate and for every correct guess, he got one Nomination point to use. This meant he could potentially get eighteen Nomination points… or none.

Drew had correctly predicted seven Nominations, and consequently earned himself seven points to allocate however he saw fit to as many Housemates as he liked. Drew Nominated Ed for three points, Jade for two and Ben for two.

BIG BROTHER announced the six Housemates up for Eviction this week: Ed (12 points), Tahan (9 points), Katie and Lucy (7 points) , Mikkayala (7 points), Ben (6 points). Tim and Jade tied on four points and Ed had a very hard choice to make. Eventually he chose Jade because he didn’t want to be up against Tim, but was absolutely tormented by his decision.

But these Nominations are not locked in – the winner of Showdown has the final say on Thursday.

Big Brother continues 7 PM weeknights on Nine

source 9