Big Brother serves up a big twist

It was a twist no one saw coming.

Balls Up – Housemates names flashed on the screen and a siren went off signalling them to run to the backyard and catch a ball travelling down a suspended apparatus. For every ball caught, they would receive $10 towards the weekly shopping budget. They manged to catch $190 towards the shopping budget. Big Brother gave Ian some fish to look after. When Zoe did the shopping she  got back at Angela where it hurts by only ordering Green Tea

Spooling Around – Housemates raced to remove 100m of rope from a spool by spinning and wrapping the rope around their bodies. They then ran to the opposite end of the course to transfer the rope from their bodies to a second spool. The first Housemate to successfully transfer the rope from one spool to the other won the power to nominate three Housemates for eviction. Ian won the challenge and put Angela, Chad and Marrisa up for eviction.

Angela was evicted but on her way out Big Brother announced she had been saved and was sent to the bunker.