Big Brother reveals The White Room

There was a big surprise on Big Brother last night.

Cash Grab – Each housemate was blindfolded and one at time entered Big Brother’s “Power Booth” where they attempted to catch a numbered pink or blue bill. Catch a pink bill and they received a reward. Catch a blue bill and they could inflict a punishment on another housemate.

Wobble Board – Housemates balanced on an unstable board holding a disc with a groove upon which a ball was placed. They had to maintain their balance and keep their ball on the disc. If their ball dropped, they were out of the challenge. The last person to keep their ball on their disc won the power to nominate two housemates for eviction.

Chad chose Kirean and Mat with kirean finally evicted Big Brother welcoming him to the White Room – a second chance in the game. The question is, how long can he stick it out for?