Big Brother nominees revealed

Big Brother nominees revealed

Well there’s a surprise the housemates didn’t go after Leo who is now considered  a fully fledged housemate.

This week Travis was safe due to being in the sanctuary and Marina the intruder were exempt from nominations.

As a result Priya, Sandra, Ryan, Jason and David will battle it out over the next  week to try and stay in the Big Brother House.

The Tally board read as follows

PRIYA 11 Points
SANDRA 10 Points
RYAN 7 Points
JASON 6 Points
DAVID 6 Points

Call the numbers below to save your favourite Housemates:
PRIYA 1902 55 95 12
SANDRA 1902 55 95 14
RYAN 1902 55 95 13
DAVID 1902 55 95 03
JASON 1902 55 95 07

To save your favourite Housemate, text one of their names to 199 55 999, only one name by  SMS at a time.

Tune in tonight at 8.30pm to watch the latest from the Big Brother House.





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