Big Brother loses an audience favorite

Big Brother loses an audience favorite

Tonight Big Brother lost a favourite but not before they spilled the tea.

Burst My Bubble – Housemates put on belts attached to a balloon which had to remain inflated until sunset. Should their balloon burst before sunset they would be locked out of the house until morning – sleeping, eating and washing outside overnight. Housemate/s diligent enough to keep their balloon intact until sunset would have the house to themselves.

Mat was the last balloon standing and was able to invite best mate Dan to join him in the house for the night where they enjoyed steak, veg and red wine; dressing up in women’s clothes and taunting the outsiders.

Sit Back – Each Housemate sat down and used their feet to hold a cylinder in place. If the cylinder fell they were out of the challenge. The Housemate still holding their cylinder won the power to nominate three Housemates for eviction. Sophie won the task and chose Angela Kirean and Casey.

Angela went out all guns blazing in the eviction room spilling the tea and this saw her evicted with 9 votes.

Angela Clancy, Perth – “Goodbye house. Best experience ever! This experience has made me realise I’m stronger than I thought I was. I always had a cup of tea before a challenge I think that was my secret weapon, tea drinking and my lip gloss. I’m going to miss Big Brother… that voice just gets me… honey, honey, talk to me more!”


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