Big Brother Kicks Katie out

Another housemate has left the house as one gets ready to crash the party.

Katie, the 25 year-old Sydney cupcake queen, left the Big Brother House, receiving just 24 per cent of votes-to-save.

Excited to be sitting on the couch with host Sonia Kruger, the outspoken Katie said she thoroughly enjoyed her time in the House and was excited by what comes next.

Reflecting on her time in the House, Katie said she “really struggled without her family and missed them the most. But meeting a house full of people who easily filled that void was fantastic.”

Katie also told Sonia that the money she and Priya and won in the first week was “safely stowed” in her suitcase.

Adelaide teacher Priya lives to fight another week, having received the highest number of votes-to-save, a whopping 40 per cent. Melbourne importer Travis was also up for eviction and received 36 per cent of votes-to-save, ensuring he too stays in the House.


Tonight Big Brother will introduce a handsome foreigner who’ll enter the House as the first Intruder of the series. With Aisha and Travis’s relationship blooming, this Intruder is set to shake up friendships, alliances and romance.

Big Brother airs 8:40 Tonight on Nine