Big Brother housemates face the power of pairs

Big Brother housemates face the power of pairs

The Big Brother game has officially began.

 Over two huge nights 16 Big Brother Housemates have paired up and entered the 2014 Big Brother House. Last night a gold medal-winning Paralympian, retail assistant, apprentice electrician, and a midwife were the final Housemates to enter the Big Brother House for 2014.

 They paired up and entered the house with a clear message: “You are only as good as the person you’re paired with”. “Pairs must sleep side-by-side. When one is rewarded the other is rewarded.  When one is punished, the other is punished. They must also nominate together and will be nominated together,” Big Brother adds.

The Big Brother 2014 Pairs:

Priya + Katie (HOH)

Jake + Gemma

David + Sandra

Dion + Jason

Skye + Lisa

Travis + Ryan

Lawson + Aisha

Sam + Cat

This year, to control the game from within the walls of the House, Big Brother has nominated pair Priya and Katie to be the very first Heads of House (HOH), and they hold the power. “As Heads of House, Housemates’ stay will be more pleasant and far more secure and they will be the ones capable of making game changing decisions throughout their tenure as HOH,” Big Brother said.

A game changing decision was made by HOH pair Priya and Katie, when they accepted an offer from Big Brother to take $10,000 each from the prize money, which ultimately deprives their fellow contestants of food for a week. Their celebrations may be short lived when they have to tell the Housemates exactly why they made this decision. 


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