Big Brother Gives Dan A Surprise

It was a big night of Big Brother.

 Big Brother turned Dan’s frown upside down with a surprise “visit” from girlfriend Ana who reassured him the love was still there. 

Ticking Time Bomb – In this all or nothing task, Housemates had to complete a series of tasks in the Diary Room within 20mins. If successful, they would win $250 towards their shopping budget and eat like kings. Take longer than 20mins and they would be on basic rations for the week.   They succeeded and picked up $250 shopping budget plus a Mexican feast!

Domino Effect – Competing in pairs, Housemates raced to assemble a line of dominoes along a winding track. The first pair to complete a successful domino run won the power to nominate two housemates for eviction. Daniel and Xaiver won and chose Hannah and Sophie.

Hannah left with 5 votes

Hannah Campbell, Perth – “I’m completely heartbroken. I honestly thought I had the numbers, but you can’t trust anyone I guess. It’s obvious that Dan, Xavier and Mat have the most influence in the house and I don’t see anyone breaking them up.”