Big Brother game play leads to an eviction

Big Brother game play leads to an eviction

It was a big episode of Big Brother last night.

We started with the new that   Ian lost a best mate (RIP Patricia the Huntsman spider)  Kieran was given a small motorised vehicle and a purpose-built area in the backyard to complete a 3-point turn to Big Brother’s satisfaction, within an acceptable time frame and with minimal damage to the vehicle and surrounds. He passed and received pizza for all Housemates except himself because he damaged the wall.

Kieran thought string up trouble would be a good strategy so he told Garth that Danni called him a snake and there were simmering tensions all episode.

Waterfalls – Housemates stood below perspex funnels filled with 20L of water. Using their fingers and hands only, they had to block the hole to prevent the water seeping out. The last Housemate to have water in their funnel won the power to nominate three Housemates for eviction. As the challenge progressed, Big Brother offered numerous temptations to get the Housemates to drop out. This saw Chad drop out to spend time with his dog Buddy Garth secured an extra nomination vote.

Angela won and put Garth Danni and Zoe up for eviction. it was Danni who said farewell with 11 votes and revealed to Garth on the way out that she didn’t say he was a snake.

“I think I was playing a great game, I really thought I was good at it. I’m so confused about what went on tonight. I could be completely wrong and my game play is completely off but if my gut and my intuition is right, I believe it was Kieran. Kieran might have been that snake.” said Danni