Big Brother finds its final 4 for 2020

Big Brother finds its final 4 for 2020

*The Top 5 faced not one but two big challenges to determine who would be up for eviction and miss out on a place in the top 4.

. Sophie’s return to the game came at a cost and she started tonight’s two challenges with a disadvantage, while Mat’s carry over power from the last challenge meant he would get two votes at the next eviction if he was voting and one vote if he was nominated.

Sands of Time – This challenge was not about winning the right to nominate – it was a fight for survival because the first person to drop out would be automatically up for eviction. Housemates had to remove a plug to release grain from a funnel. They had to collect the grain in a bucket and race to the top of the stairs to pour the grain back into the funnel. The first housemate to run their funnel empty was out of the challenge and the first person up for the next eviction.

Sarah lost the challenge first and was put up for eviction as a result.

Buried Alive – Housemates raced to free themselves from a cage that was rapidly filling with water by opening five padlocks with a large set of keys. The first person to escape won the power to nominate the housemate who would join Sarah in eviction tonight.

Chad quickly unlocked all his keys  and chose to put Mat up against Sarah as payback for Soph and because he has a better relationship with Dan. Sarah tried to convince Dan that Mat would be his biggest threat when it came time for Australia’s vote, but Dan stayed true to his bromance and the game’s littlest player was sent packing. .

Sarah McDougal, Melbourne – “My heart feels pretty good. This is further than I thought I’d ever get. Considering I was the youngest player in the game I reckon I’ve had a pretty good Big Brother experience. I just got outsmarted. I was stumped. I couldn’t get out of that pickle. I feel it could potentially be a mistake for Dan to vote me out. Mat is bigger competition for Dan if they were both to make the final three. I want Sophie to win. She’s an independent woman, she fights for her right and I really respect that y’know. Girl power!”