Big Brother Eviction leads to a power shift

Tonight the power games on Big Brother shifted.

Housemates were forced to face their deepest fears inside the “Gingerdread House”. If they could stick it out until Big Brother gave them the green light, the entire house would receive a sweet reward. The fears successfully faced were Sarah/knees, Danni/bubbles, Angela/dogs, Sophie/snakes, Garth/fish, Casey/cheese and Daniel/pigeons. They recirved a chocolate fountain, sweet treats, fruit and champagne.

Romance has  blossomed between Chad and Sophie after Big Brother played matchmaker.

An endurance test in which Housemates hung onto an oversized wind chime, moving their feet at various intervals onto pegs that decreased in size (and increased in the pain factor). The last Housemate “standing” won the power to nominate three Housemates for eviction. Angela won and set up up a strategic takedown of the house king  and queen by placing Daniel Talia and Casey up for eviction.

In the end Angela dethroned Queen Talia who was sent packing with 11 votes. While Casey had 4 and Dan notched up a single vote.

On her departure Talia said “I’m gonna go home loyal, I’m gonna go home not hurting anyone, I’ve been one hundred per cent me.”\