Big Brother Eviction ends with BEN in control

Big Brother Eviction ends with BEN in control

Last night the Big Brother game was thrown in too Turmoil 

The House was stunned to be saying goodbye to popular Housemates Ben and Matthew in what they believed to be a double eviction.

As Australia is brought in on BIG BROTHER’S massive game-changing ploy, the Housemates are completely unaware that only Matthew (with the least amount of votes to save with 11.7%) has said farewell for good. Ben (who received the most votes to save with 22.2%) has played into the hands of BIG BROTHER’S massive rouse – a fake eviction.

On exiting the BIG BROTHER House, a confused Ben was led straight into the adjoining Presidential Suite where he was given instruction from Big Brother.

“Ben, despite what your fellow Housemates think, you have NOT been evicted. Australia has decided that you will not only remain in the Big Brother game but that you will return to the House with an advantage. Over the next 24 hours you will be given power and insight above and beyond that ever afforded to a Big Brother Housemate.” Big Brother said.

“Ben, you have a rare opportunity to spy on, question and stage manage your fellow Housemates.”

For the first time this series, the audience gave former soldier Matt a standing ovation after looking back through his time in the House. “I’ve got no regrets of how I was in the house, I was myself fully.” Matthew said to Sonia on the eviction stage.

On being told about BIG BROTHER’S plans for the ‘second evictee’, Matt asked Sonia, “Can I go back in?”

Matt bestowed this week’s Nominations Superpower to ‘best bro’ Ed.

How will the Housemates react when Ben strolls back into the House on Wednesday night? Will the information he gains during his stay in the Presidential Suite allow him to really start playing the game?

Eviction votes to save were:

Matthew 11.7%
Katie & Lucy 12.6%
Mikkayla 16.1 %
Ed 16.6 %
Tahan 20.8 %
Ben 22.2%


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