Big Brother dishes up an icy challenge

Big Brother dishes up an icy challenge

As we enter episode 2 Big Brother upped the game yet again.

1am Sneak In – In the early hours of the morning, Chad, Garth, Sarah and Sophie snuck into the Big Brother house. These four late arrivals had to make it to their beds without being detected by the original Housemates since they did so the housemates won a Sunday roast.

Daniel and Talia weren’t happy about the new arrivals and Angela is still craving a cup of tea even more so after Big Brother gave Allen a cup during the challenge.

The Housemates woke to find the backyard had been transformed into a Winter Wonderland, featuring snow and giant ice cubes with flags frozen deep inside.  Housemates had to use only their body and what was on their bodies (ie clothing, shoes etc) to try and melt the ice to retrieve their flag. The first Housemate to retrieve a flag, unfurl it and wave it above their heads was the winner. Dan had the smart idea to urinate on the ice however he suffered stage fright and Garth took out the challenge by mere seconds.

Garth steered the vote and put Allen, Kieran and Angela in the firing line. This saw Kieran apologise to the original housemates which resulted in Allen leaving with a landslide 12 votes.

“WHAT?! I am salty AF on turbo, times that by 400. That’s like a landslide. How the hell is Kieran still in the house. I don’t know what he said or what he put in the drinks. Goes to show people can lie straight to your face. I’m actually lost for words. This is absolute abuse. Coming out second, five days is just too short. I want to go back in and stir the pot a little bit more.”