Big Brother breaks up the game

Another Big Brother episode where quite a bit happened.

 In the White Room, Kieran was robbed of his sanity, while in the house the housemates were robbed of… well everything. Furniture, crockery, cutlery, plants, toiletries, even their beloved fish – all gone! With Big Brother’s mind games accelerating, Sophie started to question the strength of her alliance with Daniel and Mat.

Heavy Heart – Each housemate was attached to a heavy bag calibrated to 70% of their body weight. They raced to unlock three padlocked boxes full of puzzle pieces using a ring of 30 keys. The first housemate to correctly complete their puzzle won the power to nominate two housemates for eviction.

Daniel chose Sophie and Sarah. When it came time to vote Sophie was sent packing by Dan’s tie-break vote. But it’s not yet the end for Soph with Big Brother sending her to the White Room where she was shocked to find Kieran lurking. Two housemates, two red buttons – just wait til you see how this plays out tomorrow!