Big Brother begins a new era

Big Brother begins a new era

After a 6-year absence Big Brother has returned and this time the game is different So let’s debrief what happened and then share some thoughts.

The first 12 Housemates entered the Big Brother house and Kieran was tasked with a secret mission from the get-go.

Kieran was the first person to enter the house. Big Brother entrusted him with a secret mission – to greet every other Housemate with a high five; give each of them a nickname and say it aloud; give each of them a massage; and create a secret handshake with everyone. If he succeeded, the bedroom door would be unlocked. If he failed, Housemates wouldave to find somewhere else to sleep. Luckily Kirean passed

Among other highlights in the episode worth noting Daniel worried his loud snoring has put a target on his back while tea-addict Angela butted heads with Big Brother and some of her housemates.


Swingers – Housemates laid on individual swing boards and attempted to lever themselves forward and backward to gain momentum. As Housemates swung higher and higher, they placed balls on a small shelf, one ball at a time. The first Housemate to successfully place five balls on their shelf was the winner. Talia narrowly beat out Laura and won the power to nominate three Housemates for eviction.

Laura felt tthe emotional burden of holding the nomination power. She chose Zoe, Kirean and Laura to face eviction. Desperate superfan Kieran scrambled to keep himself in the game while Zoe promised everyone a taste of her souvlakis.

In the end Laura was sent packing with six votes.

I’m very shocked. I did not see that coming. I honestly thought the way that Kieran was carrying on I didn’t have to fight. It would have been nice to stay longer but every moment I was being myself. I wasn’t here to fake anything. I like being first at everything so there you go, first evicted.”

Tomorrow night four new housemates Chad, Garth, Sarah and Sophie – sneak into the Big Brother house under the cover of darkness.

I liked that we got a decent amount of housemate content before the challenge and Angela is casting gold. It may not be traditional Big Brother it’s more fast-paced and the challenge of that will be connecting with the cast in the early episodes.