Betty Review

Betty Review

Today, Binge unveils new HBO skateboarding series Betty, but should it be skating to the top of your watch-list?

If you’re a girl who hangs around a skatepark, you’re considered a “Betty.” Our first betty is Kirt (Nina Moran), a queer weed-taking skater who we first meeting taking pictures of her war wound on her glutes. Kirt and her friend Janay (Dede Lovelace), who’s dealing with some heavy personal stuff, have set up a girls sesh at the local skatepark. The event misfires buts it’s here that the pair meet Honeybear (Kabrina ‘Moonbear’ Adams), a shy documentarian; Camille (Rachelle Vinberg), a headstrong individual who struggles with being friends and her desire for a boyfriend; and Indigo (Ajani Russell), who has never skated, deals weed, and who Kirt takes a shining to.

Spanning six 30-minute episodes, watched in entirety for this review, a lot of the first episode’s main plot is bringing this crew together thanks to a lost bag.

Creator Crystal Mosell has rebooted the characters from her film Skate Kitchen for this new series, making slight changes from the original material. It’s a well-crafted journey following a diverse group of young skater girls, each embarking on a journey of self-discovery. The cast are all magnetic in their roles as they deal with things like first love, sexuality and finding yourself.

As a quick binge, Betty is sure to skate its way to the top of your watch-list this weekend.


3.5 Stars

Betty arrives today on Binge.