Better Homes and Gardens May 16

Better Homes and Gardens May 16

This week Better Homes And Gardens vists two TV Stars Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood and Kerri Anne Kennerley.

Dr Harry catches up with Kerri Anne Kennerley and her new puppy, while Joh visits the home Of A Place To Call Home star Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood to find out how she lives a healthy and happy life.

Jason checks out an inner city home with some inspirational ideas for sustainable small space gardening;

Tara turns an unused spare room into the ultimate retreat; how to have Autumn colour in your backyard all year round; what do in the vegie patch during the cooler months;

try Karen’s quick and easy mid-week meal of chicken and corn kofta; an easy no-bake muesli slice perfect for lunchboxes; Fast Ed’s barbecued fish with a surprising citrus twist, plus a decadent chocolate hazelnut spread sponge cake;

Rob’s target ball game the kids will love; and how you can get your bird to talk.

7PM Friday on Seven


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