Better Homes and Gardens March 1

Better Homes and Gardens March 1

This Week on Better Homes and Gardens its all about doing things on a budget. as Joh visits the home of Sunrise host and finance guru David Koch to find out his all-time biggest money saving tip.

Add thousands to your home with a front garden makeover done for just dollars; turn your veggie scraps into a thriving garden; how composting can save you big bucks; Dr Harry meets a chook who’s desperate to be a mum, plus pet toys that won’t cost a cent; turn an old surfboard into the coolest table around for less than $100; the DIY insider’s tips to those annoying maintenance jobs; Fast Ed reinvents Australia’s favourite salad; budget seafood for the barbecue; try Karen’s marinade to make lamb chops extra delicious; the Aussie home that comes complete with a converted double decker bus; and could you renovate an entire bathroom for just $2000?

Friday 7:30 PM on Seven


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