Better Homes and Gardens April 12

Better Homes and Gardens April 12

BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS goes retro this week, celebrating the style of the 50s through to the 80s.

Joh steps back to the 50s in a Brisbane home set up to look like a classic diner; build your own pinball machine at home; create a modern version of a 70s fondue, plus perfect crème caramel;

Tara turns a tired 80s bathroom into contemporary retreat; our Treasure Hunter Greenie tells what your old junk might be worth with top finds from every decade; the big hits from the plant world and how you can use them today;

Graham saves a family’s 30 year old Staghorn collection

Remember Lassie, Benji and Otis? Dr Harry’s guide to the Star Dogs of yesteryear, plus a big problem with two miniature horses; try Karen’s delicious carrot cupcakes; Jason reinvents landscape trends with a stunning result; and how to restore old furniture so it looks as good as new.

Plus, Joh visits the Melbourne home of Boom Crash Opera front man Dale Ryder.

7 PM Friday on Seven 



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