Benevolent Jess Is Rewarded With A Good Night’s Sleep.

Benevolent Jess Is Rewarded With A Good Night’s Sleep.

It was another episode of I’m A Celebrity where tea was spilt and emotions were expressed.

Alli came through tonight with the scoop on brother Cody Simpson’s relationship with Miley Cyrus, after Toni claimed she categorically does not follow gossip, while casually angling for all of the goss. Pop culture junkie Jess missed the juicy conversation because she was dressing Dipper’s corns.


Abbie, Colin and Ash sampled the deli belly delights of Bruce’s Deli. There were turkey testicles, sour nipples, pig penis, eyeballs, and brave Abbie valiantly sampled a modern version of the BLT, which showcased bum, lips and tongues. This daring trio procured 12 stars for the campsite, and politely declined a rebooking at Bruce’s Deli.


Jack confided in Jess about missing his mum, who he has a complicated relationship with after his Australia’s Got Talent win at 14 years old.


On a day when everyone was feeling homesick, singing sensations Paulini and Jack brought the camp to tears with their spine-tingling rendition of Amazing Grace.


Jess and Colin were selected by their adoring campmates to enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep and a hot breakfast, but it came with a catch. Only one would win the pamper package, and to do so they had two minutes to put on as many nighties as they could. While Colin put in a solid effort with 13 nighties, it was jammies Jess who took the crown with 14 nighties.


Colin read Jess a touching bedtime story, which capped off one of the best nights of her life.