Bek and Ash out of My Kitchen Rules

It was a tough contest last night as Bek and Ash took on David and Betty to stay in the My Kitchen Rules competition.

Both teams entered Kitchen Headquarters to cook a three corse meal for judges Pete Evans, Manu Feildel, Karen Martini, Guy Grossi, Liz Egan and Colin Fassnidge.

Bek and Ash chose a simpler menu of things they had cooked before but it was no match for David and Betty’s adventurous one.

The girl’s menu was  Entrée: Mushroom Crepes with Brie Sauce Main: Venison with Black Rice Pilaf and Cumberland Sauce Dessert: Pistachio Ice Cream with Lemon & Ginger Biscotti. Friends David and Betty  Entrée: Lao Raw Beef Salad Main: Mok Pah (Steamed Fish in Banana Leaf) Dessert: Chilli Salt Fruits with Green Mango Sorbet

David and Betty won the Entree battle with a “delightfully tasty textured salad” The girls served up crepes that were too thick.  it is a pancake as opposed to a crepe,” Martini said. while colin noted “It is a simple dish so you need to nail all the ingredients (but) it hasn’t cooked enough,”

Main was won by Bek and Ash who cooked it beautifully for the judges who noted, The venison is cooked perfectly but the Cumberland sauce is a little sweet and overpowering,” Grossi said. David and Betty struck disaster when they served raw fish to the judges due to time management issues.  “The fish is still raw and the garlic and lemongrass are coming across as quite raw as well,” Martini said.

In the end, it all came down to dessert with Bek and Ash delivering a little bitsy dish. “that doesn’t scream a complete dessert.” for Evens.  David and Betty’s dessert was a mashup of sweet and sour flavors, including fish sauce, which surprised the judges. “I think it is one of the most intriguing desserts I’ve ever had on My Kitchen Rules,” Egan said.

In the end, Bek and Ash scored a respectable 31/60 but it wasn’t enough to save them with David and Betty scored a 34/60 from the judges.

On Sunday night we welcome Group 2 contenders for 2017: sisters Kelsey & Amanda, seafood lovers Josh & Amy, brothers Albert & Dave, ambitious newlyweds Alyse & Matt, foodie friends Della & Tully and married hipsters Court & Duncan – six new teams burning to get into the competition! First to plate up are North West Sydney’s Albert & Dave, who are hoping to set the bar high with their Cantonese creations.