Becky And Elly Choose Their Top Three

Becky And Elly Choose Their Top Three

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia, our Bachelors showed off their baby daddy potential, a candid question at The Last Supper left one Bachelor seeing red.

Waking up to the sound of crying babies, our Bachelors traded their barbells  for bottles as they played Daddy Day Care. Not knowing Becky and Elly were secretly watching, the boys worked their way through a list of chores, while looking after their very own (plastic) bub.

While Frazer and James kept a less than watchful eye on their little ones as they tidied up, Joe and Adrian fully embraced dad life, impressing Becky and Elly with their mature conversations around fatherhood.

Returning to the mansion and revealing they’d been spying on the boys, Becky rewarded Shannon’s enthusiasm with some extra time, and Elly rewarded Joe for putting his best bib forward.

The next day, Becky pulled up in a mint set of wheels, inviting Adrian out on a date. At a beachside picnic, Becky told Adrian how pleasantly surprised she was by his Dad skills. With Adrian revealing he had a big heart, the two couldn’t deny they had a special connection.

With Hometowns around the corner, the Cocktail Party was transformed into The Last Supper, with the boys given the chance to ask anonymous, hard hitting questions to the group.

Although things starting on a light and playful note, the mood switched when the group was asked who their biggest threat was. While Pete was quick to mention Becky and Adrian’s obvious connection, Frazer noted that Joe and Elly’s history was intimidating.

Next, Becky was asked which of the remaining Bachelor’s was Elly’s type. With Becky mentioning everyone but James, he couldn’t hide his frustrations. After resurrecting questions about Joe and Elly’s past, James’s hot- headedness left both Bachelorettes feeling uncomfortable, and raised some major red flags for Elly.

At an emotional Rose Ceremony, Elly and Becky farewelled James and Sam, who were left to seek love outside the mansion