Beauty and The Geek to return in July

Beauty and The Geek to return in July

Beauty and the Geek, the feelgood series Australia has fallen in love with, returns with more heart, more laughs – and more sweet romance next month.

Hosted once again by the beautiful and down-to-earth Sophie Monk, 10 new beauties and 10 new geeks will find surprising connections as two very different worlds collide in this uplifting series of heartfelt self-discovery. 

Beauty and the Geek is Australia’s most loveable reality show, warming the hearts of viewers on an uplifting journey as our stunning beauties and adorable geeks inspire each other to step out of their comfort zone and find inner confidence.

Paired together by Sophie, they will overcome hurdles, find deep connections and discover if opposites really do attract, whether by forming a romantic connection or a lifelong friendship.

With a diverse range of backgrounds, the beauties include dancers, hairdressers, even a professional mermaid, while the geeks include a trainspotter, a Harry Potter mega fan, a martial arts ninja and a crypto trader.

Beauty and the Geek is set around a series of challenges where the winning couples score a one-on-one date that helps them to learn more about their partners and develop bonds. But the bottom two couples must duel it out in an elimination quiz and challenge that could get them sent home. In the end, the final couple, voted the winners by the other beauties and geeks, will walk away with $100,000 in prizemoney. 

This season the fan-favourite geek makeovers are returning, with some astounding transformations not only to physical appearance but the geeks’ inner confidence as well. Also, a new life-swap challenge will see the couples swapping lives for a day. What will happen when a beauty has to move into her geek’s share house with his housemates? Or a geek having to impress a beauty’s parents in a new social setting?

Host Sophie Monk said: “I’ve never felt so passionate about a reality show and I’m so excited for the new season to start. This is like no other show I’ve ever seen, and I love being a part of it. Not only does it make you laugh your arse off, it will also make you cry. 
“Australia is going to fall in love with our new beauties and geeks, who are the most adorable people in the world. And trust me, there are some major sparks flying around this season. It will be the sweetest thing you’ll ever see.”


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